What's Atlan?

A modern data workspace that makes collaboration among diverse users (like business, analysts and engineers) easier, increasing efficiency and agility in data projects โœจ

We started as a data team, solving social good problems using data science. We built Atlan for ourselves over the course of 200 data projects, such as India's national data platform, used by its Prime Minister, and monitoring the Sustainable Development Goals with the United Nations.

Atlan helped us build India's national data platform with an eight-member team, making it the fastest project of its kind to go live โ€” in just 12 months, instead of the projected three years.

Why we built Atlan

Data teams can be diverse: analysts, scientists, engineers, business users. Diverse people, with diverse tools and skillsets โ€” diverse "DNAs". All leading to chaos.

Our Slack channels used to look like this...

We call this "Collaboration Overhead".

We knew we couldn't scale like this. There had to be a better way. We borrowed the principles of Agile from product teams, DevOps from engineering teams, and Lean Manufacturing from supply chain teams. We then experimented for two years, across 200 data projects, to create our own idea of what makes data teams successful. We call this DataOps.

How Atlan helps data teams

With Atlan, analyst teams in Unilever have shipped 100+ additional data projects per quarter, and data science teams in Samsung have saved 50% of their time.

๐Ÿค Create self-service ecosystems by reducing dependencies

Atlan makes all your data assets easily discoverable! No more Slack messages saying "Where's that dataset?" or long email threads for approvals. With Atlan, you can simply Cmd+K your way to the right data asset.

Key Capabilities: Discovery and Search, Visual Query Builder, Saved Queries, & Wikiโ€‹

๐Ÿš€ Improve the agility of your data team

Data practitioners spend 30-50% of their time finding and understanding data. Atlan cuts that time by 95%. Your data team will be shipping 2-3 times more projects in no time.

Key Capabilities: Data Quality Profiling & Automated Lineageโ€‹

๐Ÿ›ก Improved governance and a sustainable data culture

Don't lose sleep trying to figure out if your sensitive data is secure. Build ecosystems of trust, make your team happy, and let Atlan manage governance and security behind the scenes.

Key Capabilities: Auto-PII Classification & Granular Access Controlโ€‹