Atlan's extremely fast and intuitive way to search across its data catalog

Atlan is a living catalog of all your data assets and knowledge. It lets you quickly discover and access data along with its human tribal knowledge and business context.

Its Amazon-inspired "Search and Browse" experience is not just for data tables but extends to a variety of data assets like columns, databases, SQL queries, BI dashboards, and much more.

๐Ÿš€ Search superpowers

Let's see what makes Atlan's search intuitive and super quick.

Intelligent keyword recognition

Atlan supports powerful Google-like search. It gives accurate search results even with typos, singular/plural mix-ups, and other keyword errors. Whether it is an extra "s" or a missing "o" from "Customer", Atlan will show you the most accurate results.

Discounts for keyword errors

๐ŸŒŸ Pro Tip: You can save a combination of filters to quickly access your most-used data assets. Just click on the blue floppy disk icon to save your search filters.

Search using context

The "Discover" section offers a variety of filters that use business context to improve your search. Here are different types of filters that can be used:

  • Type of data asset: Table, columns, BI dashboard, database, schema, integration, etc.

  • Integrations: Big Query, MySQL, Snowflake, Glue, AWS Delta Lake, etc.

  • Status: Search based on the status tagged to data assets โ€” e.g. Verified, Work In Progress, Issues, etc.

  • Classification: Filter by classification types created by the user โ€” e.g. Protected, PII, etc.

  • Business Glossary: Filter data assets by the glossary terms created by users. This helps in two ways:

    • It lets you narrow down results quickly using granular glossary terms like "sales", "profit", etc.

    • Traditionally, a data glossary is just used to organize data. However, Atlan uses it to power its search. This further encourages the Data Admin and Stewards to enrich and maintain the glossary regularly.

๐ŸŒŸ Pro Tip:

  1. Use Cmd/Ctrl + K to open the search bar anywhere in the product.

  2. You can use prefixes such as "table:" or "term:" to search for a specific type of data asset.

Sort by relevance, popularity, or query frequency

Atlan also allows you to sort search results by popularity, relevance, or query frequency. This helps you quickly find the assets you're interested in.

  • Relevance: Sorts by how close the search results are to the searched keywords.

  • Popularity: Sorts by how often an asset is used inside Atlan.

  • Query frequency: Sorts by the number of times an asset is queried at its source (like Snowflake).

Sort by query frequency

โœจ Spotlight: Atlan's "Home" screen shows a list of your most recent searches under the "Recents" option.