Auto Glossary Suggestions

Automated metadata management through auto-glossary suggestions powered by the Atlan Bot

Auto-glossary via the Atlan Bot

A Glossary is a list of terms 🏷️ that are created and tagged to data assets for better organization and faster search.

We don't deny that the task of linking each data asset with its respective glossary terms can become a bit daunting. Hence, to make the process easier and simpler, say hi πŸ‘‹ to the Atlan Bot πŸ€–

The Atlan Bot supports your efforts by intelligently linking glossary terms to data assets based on their column names.

Let's see how πŸ‘€

πŸ€– How auto-glossary suggestions work in Atlan

The Atlan Bot uses specific algorithms to auto-suggest glossary terms for data assets, and it keeps learning on its own over time.

It maps columns with all business glossary terms created in Atlan. A string search and Levenshtein scoring is used on all string permutations in the column headers and glossary terms. The term with the highest mapping score with a column header gets mapped to that column.

▢️ How to trigger the bot

STEP 1: Go to the dedicated data table page

Click on the data table you want to auto-classify from the Discover list.

STEP 2: Go to the "Profile" tab

Click on the "Profile" tab (third tab from the right).

STEP 3: Click on "Configure & Run"

Click the blue button on the right-hand side. As soon as you click it, a configuration setup modal will open up.

STEP 4: Click "Update"

Change the configuration if you want to, and click on "Update".

The data quality profile will run and send all recommendations to the "Requests" tab. It will go through the same approval flow as when a user recommends a glossary term.

The veto power still lies with the humansβ€”the bot is just there to assist with the repetitive tasks!

Go through the article below to learn more.

Want to know more about the Glossary? Check out the dedicated article on this topic πŸ‘‡