Business Metadata

How to create and add business metadata to your data assets.

What is Business Metadata?

Data without context is difficult to understand and use. Business metadata helps admins or stewards create standard metadata attributes and add them to relevant assets inside Atlan.

The use of familiar terminology helps in quickly understanding the data and its background, especially for business users. For example, Data Quality can be a metadata group to which several custom fields like, the last date verified, verified by a business analyst or not, etc. can be added.

Custom metadata attributes

Feature highlights of Business Metadata

  • ๐Ÿ—‚๏ธ Organize metadata by creating buckets of business metadata and add custom fields (attributes) to it.

  • โœ… Ensure accuracy of metadata values by setting restrictions on its values. For example, the max string length, value type- date, boolean, etc.

  • โœ๏ธ Maintain metadata standardization by telling the users exactly what metadata values to add for each data asset. No confusion leads to faster enrichment!

โœจ Spotlight: Business metadata in Atlan lets you add custom metadata fields as per your requirements. This gives admin and steward the flexibility along with provisions to ensure hygiene.

๐Ÿ› ๏ธ A step-by-step guide to creating and adding business metadata

STEP 1: Add business metadata

  • Go to the "Access" tab and click on the "Business Metadata" option given under the "Organization" section.

  • Click on the "+ Add Business Metadata" button given on the top right.

  • A modal will open where you will have to name your business metadata and give an appropriate description to define what it is.

Add business metadata

STEP 2: Add attributes inside the business metadata

You can add attributes while creating new business metadata or once it's created.

  • Click on the three dots next to your newly created business metadata and select "+ Add Attributes" option.

  • A modal will open where you can add all details about the attribute.

  • Various characteristics of attributes that you can set are as follows:

    • Type: You can set the type of the attribute value to ensure accuracy. For example, string, integers, dates, boolean, etc.

    • Search Weight: It helps you set the position of the attribute among other attributes in business metadata.

    • Applicable Entities: You can select the data assets to which the attribute can be applied. For example, it is possible that a metadata attribute might not apply to a BI asset and is only appropriate for a data table.

    • Enable Multivalues: If you check this box, a user can enter multiple values for the metadata attribute.

  • After filling up all details, click on the "Save attributes" blue button in the bottom left. You will be able to see all the attributes and their details on the business metadata page. As shown in the image below.

Business metadata and its attributes

STEP 3: Add business metadata to data assets

  • Go to the "Discover" tab.

  • Click anywhere on the asset to which you want to add business metadata.

  • On the right-hand panel, you will see an option to add business metadata.

  • Click on the Add option. Select the attribute you want to add to the asset and enter the appropriate value. The rules set to the value will apply as the user enters the value.

Add metadata values to data assets

Business metadata is a powerful feature both for admins as well as users. Filling metadata helps attach human tribal knowledge right next to your data asset. Atlan business metadata helps you do this in a more standard and accurate way.