Release Notes

A change log of all new enhancements and changes on the product.

November 2020

This month, our Atlan Bot ๐Ÿค– became smarter! It now also suggests column descriptions, apart from just glossary terms.

Here's a brief of all the major feature releases for the month. Keep reading to learn them all ๐Ÿ˜€

๐Ÿš€ Highlights:

  1. Automatically describe columns with Atlan Bot

  2. Publicly share saved SQL queries

  3. Integrate Atlan with Looker and SAP Hana

๐Ÿค– Auto-column descriptions by Atlan Bot

How often do we find ourselves looking in despair at an empty column description field in our metadata? The pain is real!

Imagine the pain of the person who has to manually fill this out for multiple tables, each with 50-60 columns or even more.

The Atlan Bot now gives suggestions for column descriptions, based on columns with similar column names in other tables. As soon as the suggested description is approved (by an Admin or Steward), the column description gets auto-filled.

We know you are itching to try this out right away!

Auto-column description with Atlan Bot

๐Ÿ“ Share your queries seamlessly

Another cool, new feature that will improve collaboration is the option to make your saved SQL queries public.

Often a team has a list of frequently used SQL queries, shared with colleagues over Slack, email, etc. Public SQL queries let you share queries that can come in handy for other team members. This lets you build on top of your colleague's work instead of starting from scratch.

Share saved queries

โž• Looker integration is live

Atlan now supports Looker as an integration. You can crawl all your Looker dashboards and widgets right into Atlan's catalog as BI assets.

Cataloging your BI assets, and other data assets, inside Atlan will improve your dashboards and might even drive people to adopt them.

Atlan with Looker

โž• SAP Hana integration

Our team is on fire with another integration going out in record time ๐Ÿ’ช

SAP Hana is a high-performance, in-memory relational database used by many organizations. All your tables, columns, and schema inside a Hana database can now be crawled into your Atlan catalog in minutes.

Atlan with SAP Hana

October 2020

This was a heavy weight-lifting month, with a bunch of performance enhancements rolled out to improve your experience. The most exciting ones were improvements in the search algorithm and a new simpler view of the Data Lineage.

๐Ÿš€ Highlights:

  1. Simple, clear Lineage view

  2. Enhancements in the search algorithm

  3. Revamped Home page

โ†”๏ธ A new view for Lineageโ€‹

Lineage inside Atlan is much more than a fancy graph. Its real value lies in how quickly a user is able to locate the information they need.

The new Tree view makes it even simpler to navigate through the Lineage of tables. The tabular format gives a clearer view of both the source and impacted assets, along with the process (i.e. the code) used to create the tables. To view the details, just click on the table or the code, and its information will be visible in the right-side view.

Oh no! I missed the "o" in "customer" in my search... Relax! You will still get the tables you are looking for.

Atlan's search algorithm is now indifferent to spelling errors in your search keyword. It will show the most relevant search results instead of throwing a "No results found" message.

Enhanced search inside Atlan

๐Ÿ“‹ Data Profile is now more flexible

The Data Profile is like a data set's own LinkedIn or Facebook profile. It helps you assess the quality and characteristics of your data in the form of a report.

Atlan gives you the freedom to customize your data quality reports. You can generate the profile for a selected percentage of the data sample or its subset, and you can even choose the kind of metrics to check for each column in the table. Now you can also save and reuse the data quality configuration at different cuts (e.g. using different aggregations and filters, such as monthly, at a state level, or only for a selected category).

For example, say there is a table with data from different brands, and you want to generate the quality report for a specific brand. What will you do? You can simply filter the data using configuration options, save it, and generate your report for the required brand.

๐Ÿก The new home page is all about your faves

Home is all about comfort, right!? The new Atlan "Home" page is all about putting your favorites in one place.

Curious to take the data pulse of your organization? Just click on the "Trending" tab. It will give you a list of the most-visited data assets across all users.

The user guide and the product onboarding tour links are also pinned on the right for quick access.

Launch of the Atlan User Guide

We are super excited to announce the launch of our official user guide, now live at It can be your go-to resource for all queries and information on all the different Atlan-related features and functionalities.