Customer Success & Support


Atlan offers two categories of services for our customers as part of a subscription:

  • Account Management

    • Get enabled on all core capabilities of the platform

    • Stay up to date with the latest product advancements

    • Learn best practices from organizations that are part of the Atlan community from around the world

  • Customer Support

    • Troubleshoot any issues that teams are experiencing

    • Recommend best practices for setup

Account Management

Atlan offers a full suite of services with a dedicated team of Data Success Managers (hereafter referred to as DSMs). Our DSMs work with our Customers to design data success roadmaps that are calibrated to the Customer’s needs.

Key offerings of Atlan Account Management Services:

  • One-on-one data strategy review for analytics and business managers

  • Customized business use-case design

  • Engagement progress tracking with weekly / monthly / quarterly check-ins and calibration sessions

  • Support with on-premise and / or custom environment deployments and support

  • Product upgrade & new release notifications

Customers get the highest level of data success focused services to accelerate critical outcomes for mission-critical deployments. A dedicated Data Success Manager (DSM) will be assigned to each Premium account.

The assigned DSM will work with the Customer to understand their key business drivers and help align Atlan’s product with their technology and business initiatives. The DSM will be a single point of contact during the on-boarding process and will track and review the Customer’s project objectives, help establish best practices and drive user enablement. Periodically throughout the subscription period, the DSM will conduct checkpoints for data success milestones and use-case reviews to ensure optimum use of Atlan’s capabilities and most importantly help drive Customer Success, helping customers make the most of their Atlan experience.

Customer Support

Atlan Customer Support (ACS) is a combination of several teams at Atlan — product support, cloud support, and DevOps/Engineering support personnel, as well as our vast repository of self-service resources.

For each Customer Support and Service request, the Atlan ticketing system issues a priority level based on the relative impact an issue or error has on the use of the Software. Atlan may re-assign the priority level at its sole discretion. Priority levels and target initial response times for each priority level are described below.





Production Software is unavailable; all Customers are blocked and productivity halted.

Within 2 hours


Production Software is available; functionality or performance is severely impaired.

Within 3 hours


Production Software is available and usable with partial, noncritical loss of functionality, or the production Software has an occasional issue that Customer would like identified and resolved. Also includes requests for help on administrative tasks.

Within 8 hours


Cosmetic issues or request for general information about the Software, Documentation, process or procedures.

By next business day

Support channels

Customers can raise support requests using any of the following methods:

  • Support Widget - Atlan provides a widget embedded in the product for users to raise tickets on issues, requests for information or product feedback

  • Email - Customers can send support requests to a dedicated Support mail address ([email protected])

  • Support Portal - Customers can use Atlan’s online support portal to submit tickets as well keep track of all tickets pending resolution (

Atlan will always endeavour to resolve service & support tickets as swiftly as possible and will provide frequent status updates and progress reports to the customer.