Crowdsourcing Metadata

Allow members to recommend glossary terms without losing data hygiene

โž• Request new glossary terms

Combine all your forces to make your data profile as rich as possible!

Metadata is crucial to understand the context behind the data. All the meta information enriches the data asset and makes it more useful.

Who has the most information about the data? The person who is using or working with it the most. That's why crowdsourcing metadata is crucial to democratize the data initiatives in any organization.

Atlan allows users to suggest glossary terms for a data asset, based on their know-how of its usage inside the organization.

However, these suggestions can be either approved โœ… or disapproved โŒ by the Admin or Steward.

A member user requesting a new term for a table

โœจ Spotlight: This feature allows an organization to take advantage of data users' intrinsic ground knowledge without losing the hygiene of the Glossary.

๐Ÿ› ๏ธ How to suggest glossary terms for a data asset

A user can request to add a glossary term by following a few easy steps.

๐Ÿ‘€ Note: Only users who have at least a "View" access to the data asset can suggest glossary terms. Check out the Access Policy article to learn more.

STEP 1: Click on "+" to add a new term

This option is below the TERMS section on the data asset's preview page.

STEP 2: Select terms and request

Select the terms you want to recommend, and click the blue "Request" button.

๐ŸŒŸ Pro Tip: You can also add a short message with your request to explain the reason for recommending this term. The Admin or Steward will be able to see this message during the approval process.

You can check all your requests under the "My Requests" tab on the user profile page.

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